Economic Zones World is the global developer and operator of economic zones, technology, logistics and industrial parks under the Dubai World Group. The company aims to create a network of infrastructure platforms of such zones and parks across the world with an objective to support the dynamic expansion of its growing international customer base.


The evolving role of legal counsel and their significant importance in today’s fast-paced new digital economy reinforced the need for a tool, which if adapted to their specific practice will manage their activities in a way that is aligned to the company’s strategic plan.

Based on the above and as part of the overall vision of EZW and its constant efforts to meet the global technological development and continue to emerge as a leader in its field, the EZW in-house Corporate Legal Team strived to explore and adopt an innovative method and a technical solution to meet the increased responsibilities of its lawyers and the demands of the business,  which will allow its lawyers to utilise their time more efficiently and enhance the delivery of legal services to the business.


EZW opted for the Legal Suite Contract Management Module because it offers a complete interactive contracts management solution and supporting tools which complemented the legal management process.

What EZW was looking for:

-           Secure and accessible in full web;

-           Flexible and scalable for additional modules that integrate seamlessly in the entire system;

-           Personalized access codes for each user;

-           Efficient in contract lifecycle management (alerts, notifications, reporting, advanced search, classification, archiving, etc.).

The project was implemented in middle of 2014. The implementation started with several I.T testing stages and training sessions for the legal team and administrator. Over 200 different corporate contracts were uploaded in the corresponding matter fields.

Legal Suite Contract Management is now fully functional and is integrated into their processes. Through this software, they are managing every aspect of the contract life cycle from negotiation and drafting to contract completion and archiving, facilitating the follow-up and tracking progress in respect of each contract.

“It gives us pride to be the first in-house legal team in the UAE to implement Legal Suite, which has indeed offered tangible benefits by increasing the efficiency of our lawyers, improving our contract management process, which in turn enhanced the delivery of legal services to the business.”


  • It served as a central database which played an integral part in identifying all necessary information and documentation in connection with the company’s transactions and agreements;
  • It allowed easy retrieval of all relevant documentation in an efficient and timely manner, saving the company unnecessary costs and allowing the lawyers involved in the transaction to utilise their time more effectively;
  • The new system has enhanced the legal services provided to the business and brought visibility into the work of the legal department.


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