Construction Industry Solutions

Construction Industry Solutions

Publié le : 07/04/2020 07 avril avr. 04 2020

The expertise of lawyers is sought in all stages of a construction project, from the request for bids phase to its completion. They support and advise operational staff on the prevention of legal and contractual risks.


The activity of the building and public works lawyer is based on old, structured law and encompasses a great deal of specialties: business law, insurance, and litigation. In charge of the analysis, drafting, and monitoring of contracts during a construction operation, the building and public works lawyer is in contact with the operational staff whom he or she advises and supports in contract management and disputes.

Inseparable from the risks inherent in this sector, the litigation activity involves significant sums in liability mechanisms that are inextricable despite the expertise.

Companies in building and public works are therefore particularly demanding when it comes to the business tools on which they will be able to rely for the formation of ad-hoc companies, the management of co-contracting parties and subcontractors, monitoring proper performance of work, managing risk prevention, as well as preserving all project documentation over time in line with the durations of legal guarantees and compliance with the regulatory standards applicable to the sector.

Thanks to its tools for managing matter management, contract management, litigation, and insurance, Legal Suite meets the multiple needs of lawyers in the building and public works sector, confronted with major risk management issues.


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