Corporate Law & Corporate Legal Departments

Corporate Law & Corporate Legal Departments

Publié le : 08/04/2020 08 avril avr. 04 2020

Lawyers specializing in corporate law are responsible for tasks that fall within Enterprise Legal Governance ®. They hold the double responsibility of managers of the organization’s legal entities and strategic partner of the senior management or executive committee in mergers/acquisitions and restructuring operations.

Corporate Law


Within a legal department, corporate entities management represents nearly one-fourth of the activity and constitutes a strategic issue in the control of legal and financial risks of the entire group.

As a cornerstone of the company’s “life”, from its creation to its liquidation, lawyers who work in corporate law are faced with both routine and complex problems in exceptional operations.

At a time of globalization of markets and increased economic and commercial activities, many companies are tending to restructure as a means of enhancing their presence both nationally and internationally. Governance and control of information of the group’s various subsidiaries and holdings have therefore become complex and essential.

The Legal Suite solutions offer an ongoing inventory of all legal entities of the scope – global or national – of the company, through a complete electronic file logged for each entity. The production of corporate life documents is automated by our software. A system of alerts and electronic notifications guarantees everyone involved that they will not miss any key company dates and will remain compliant with the various related regulations.


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