How Customer Satisfaction Influences the Selection of Legal Software

How Customer Satisfaction Influences the Selection of Legal Software

Publié le : 22/10/2020 22 octobre oct. 10 2020


1. The legal software expert reactivity

When it comes to customer satisfaction, companies looking for legal software expect a high-performance business solution but also a partner who listens to its needs.

Responsiveness of the software provider's team is the first criterion to be judged, before, during and after the project.

2. Customer satisfaction depends on how well the software meets their daily needs

In terms of workflow, alerts, KPIs, etc...
Customers, to be fully satisfied, also expect a certain degree of adaptability. Legal software must have predefined functionalities but also certain flexibilities to allow for adaptation to a company's legal processes.

3. Customer satisfaction is based on a software vendor’s two-fold competence - legal and technical expertise

For example, lawyers must edit certain types of recurring legal documents: contracts, attendance sheets, minutes of meetings...

In some cases, lawyers want their documents to be pre-filled with information that they have already entered in the system.  This requires technical expertise by the vendor to successfully populate the documents with the correct data.

4. Customer Success Management (CSM): a team dedicated to customer satisfaction

The presence of CSM is one of the criteria that will tip the balance in the choice of legal software.

5. Legal software innovation is important to customer satisfaction

Vendors who identify the new needs of its customers and keep up to date with changes in legislation attract and keep satisfied customers.

In addition to facilitating customer innovation requests through R&D, accompanying customers throughout all stages of a project, consulting, change management support, training and technical support play a key role in ensuring customer satisfaction.


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