Legal Suite Version 6

Legal Suite Version 6

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Capitalizing on its ten years of experience in the service of corporate legal IT, Legal Suite released version 6 of its legal management software 
New Legal Suite Version 6

Paris, March 16, 2010

User-friendly, exclusively designed for the profession of corporate counsel. Highly simplified user interface without any loss of performance. Version 6 of the Legal Suite software is available today. Its main advantages now open the doors to more communication and interaction with other departments in the company.

Legal Suite, French leader for legal business solutions, proposes the latest version of its software, version 6. The application’s “look & feel” and ergonomics have been completely revamped and adapted to the needs of each legal field – all are represented by the tool – based on expertise built from ten years of experience in legal information systems. Certain modules have been completely reworked or extensively expanded. The application’s new ergonomics provide a much larger work area on the screen. In each module, information at the sheet level has been reorganized to facilitate data entry and reading, and tabs have been arranged more logically.

The new Legal Suite user interface is one of the strong points of version 6. “We have adapted the product in response to requests from our target, primarily corporate counsel, but also operational and functional users who use the Internet on a daily basis in their professional activities. We therefore adapted this web approach for our software,” explains Thierry Mallat, CEO and Fabrice Fina, Project manager and R&D team member. “We took into account our customers’ feedback received on line for their maintenance, in particular concerning the placement of the various graphic elements,” adds Philippe Renon, Customer Quality Support Manager.

To start with, primary navigation is now horizontal, at the top of the screen, just like what happens on the web, and presents all available modules. All the legal fields are represented, and a lawyer can thus enter directly into his or her area of expertise. The number of clicks to achieve any given action is reduced. This simplified horizontal navigation – always visible on the screen no matter what is being done in the application – is in all ways aligned with the Legal Suite design charter and presents the various professional modules running from those that are best known and most popular at the left (LS Legal Consultations, LS Contracts, LS Cases) to the most specialized at the right (LS Powers of Attorney, LS Intellectual Property, LS Real Estate, LS Personal Data). Level two is the menu bar that provides access to the primary functionalities of the modules (create a sheet, search for data, etc.) and to the optional functionalities (such as access to “Project” sheet management in LS Corporate). The third level of navigation involves the action bar that allows direct action on the data present in the database. This action bar changes depending on the field of the chosen module.

Finally, all the icons for cross-module actions, such as alerts activation, file storage, data extraction from an Excel file, etc., are located in a navigation bar in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, for faster and more intuitive manipulation of the tool. The iconography was also entirely revisited, as well as the CSS style sheets, the primary element in the visual structure of the application.

DYNAMIC TOOLS for In-House & Corporate Legal Departments 

Certain modules have been reworked and others have been greatly improved. LS Powers of Attorney now offers a multiplicity of organizational charts and advanced management of co- and sub-delegations. LS Corporate can also create a new organization chart that can be exported to Visio®. For organization charts that are generated on the fly, counsel is able to rework them directly onscreen thanks to a Java applet. “We redesigned the application as a logical unit while preserving the same operating principles for each of our modules,” says Thierry Mallat. “We also improved communication between the various departments in the company and its legal department.”


In addition, training and documentation services – the latter customizable – allow users to learn the new ergonomics of version 6 with ease and simplicity. The online help in particular focuses on all the tool’s cross-module functionalities, such as the creation of sheets, the “Search” function, etc. “Functional documentation is also added, to provide in-depth knowledge of a module while taking into account the specifics of each field,” adds Vanessa Vuillaume, Technical Documentation Manager.
Two types of training are offered by Legal Suite’s training department.
The first are standard training courses in which the customer learns about the tool in order to best personalize it if so desired, by adding the specific features of their own business. If personalization is requested, another specific training would then take place directly on the customer application. “In this case, we work together with the functional project manager. We draft the curriculum document together, indicating in detail the precise needs for each profile involved in the requested training,” explains Fatène Baroudi, Training Manager. “In this case, the functional project manager already knows the tool well because he or she has taken the first training, and has indicated to us the functionalities to be developed specifically for one or the other profile so that the users will be immediately operational after the training.” Trainer trainings can also be offered in the framework of very large projects where several hundred people will be using the tool. “These are extremely intensive trainings, for transfer of overall expertise so that these future trainers can establish their own curriculum document and provide specific training within their own company,” says Fatène Baroudi.


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